MERKBLATT ZUM UMGANG MIT STUDIENVERTRÄGEN (Learning Contracts) Verwendung Studienverträge (SV) ... Danach wird die Leistung auf der Leistungsübersicht ausgewiesen. E-mail: [email protected] Phone: + 41 61 207 0549, Fax: + 41 61 207 0559 Plant Biology Europe 2020 (29 Jun – 2 Jul) Connectivity – Plant interactions reloaded / PSC Symposium 2020 (2 Dec) PSC Annual Report 2019.

The nanoelectronics group is interested in fundamental electrical properties of engineered nanoscaled devices operating in the quantum regime.We probe these devices by electrical transport measurements both at low (close to DC) and high frequency (GHz range) and at cryogenic temperatures (Kelvin to milli Kelvin).

(verbucht ) Universität Basel, Student Services / Version April 2016 LEARNINGCONTRACT INSTRUCTIONS Purpose and Use Learning contracts (LCs) govern the conditions for obtaining credit points on an … Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center; Facebook; Twitter; Upcoming Events. Report (PDF, 5513 KB) PSC Newsletter. Latest Additions View items added to the repository in the past week. Registrierung: Registration: Alle Kurse werden zu Beginndes neuen Semesters gleichzeitig zur : online Anmeldung; geöffnet. Our group resides in the Department of Physics, Klingelbergstrasse 82, 4056 Basel, Switzerland.See the visitors information page for a detailed description on our location and how to get here. Atom RSS 1.0 RSS 2.0. It indexes most of the research and scholarly output of the university and offers in some cases permanent open and worldwide access to the full text of the publications. This is the institutional repository of the University of Basel. This publication offers information on latest research highlights, education, network events, new members, and outreach activities. University of Basel Prof. Dr. Volker Roth Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Room 06.003 Spiegelgasse 1 CH - 4051 Basel, Switzerland . Since Spring 2016, ECTS will be automatically transferred to the individual account of the student administration. Welcome to the homepage of the Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing Group of the University of Basel. Successful completion of examinations and perfect attendance are required for a certificate. Welcome to edoc.

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